Amiran Grand Complex residential department

Amiran Grand Complex residential department

Amiran Grand Complex residential department

It is for the first time in Neyshabur that a 4 stars hotel is building in order to provide and meet requirements of international and domestic tourists in four floors and 48 rooms (single, twin, double, Connect and two VIP suites) with full and modern equipment. Also, each room has a separate terrace with a vision to green space and Persian ancient and symbolic gardens. Residential part cover an area of 3470 square meters of the complex which includes corridor, housekeeping, and lobby on each floor.

  • Very modern room with beautiful landscape and welfare services
  • Luxurious lobby with two different levels of cultural, artistic and commercial services
  • Event hall and conference center with a capacity of 500 seats
  • Collection of restaurants (traditional, Italian, breakfast dining, VIP)
  • Amphitheater with a capacity of 300 seats
  • Sports complex including a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, traditional bathroom and massage
  • Demanding parking

Amiran Grand Complex 4-star hotel facilities

4Stars Hotel Facilities


Amiran Grand Complex restaurants (traditional, Italian, breakfast dining, VIP, food court, and roof garden) consider tastes and interests of a wide range of clients and has been designed with modern equipments as well as a professional team, for respected guests. The complex please you with more than four restaurants including Iranian, traditional, international and Italian and also unique food diversity with a memorable taste. It is set to provide 24-hours customer service for dear guests.

Watersports Complex

Creating sport and recreational facilities in Amiran Grand Complex pursues only one goal that any user of these services whether guests or visitors spend their best entertainment hours and experience good sense from their athletic activities. This complex is set for 24 hours with specific conditions to serve its clients.

Special Lobby

During the day, all the people who visit Amiran Grand Complex can use it for every purpose they desire including business meetings, dialogue and artistic discussion, commercial, friendly etc., working and friendly meeting in a special lobby for Business and do their affairs as well as serving a variety of food and drinks. This environment designed according to priority over commercial and administrative services to residents with office theme and offers 24-hour service.

Hall ceremony

Magnificent hall with luxurious architecture and decoration is ready for ceremonies and celebrations and special events.

Exclusive parking

Amiran Grand Complex parking has built from best materials and offer facilities for clients which have never seen in Neyshabur and is unique in the country.

Conference hall

Conference hall and an amphitheater with a variable capacity of 30 to 150 people are suitable for meetings and magnificent ceremonies of dear clients.

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