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Amiran Grand Complex

A residential, trading, tourism and cultural complex, including 4-star hotel, shopping center and recreational complex in Neyshabur. This is the largest and most modern tourist – trading multipurpose complex which is under construction in Neyshabur.
Neyshabur has a specific geographic location and being in Tehran – Mashhad busy route and close to Mashhad international area and also has an ideal weather condition and abundant blessings and the great figures such as Omar Khayyam, Attar and Kamalolmolk, has attracted attention of people, pilgrims of Imam Reza shrine, domestic and international tourists and respected authorities in the country. But despite available facilities in the city, there is not a good place that tourists could meet their needs and expectations and be able to meet their requirements for residential, recreational, cultural and shopping. Therefore, we decided to build a large project and consequently luxurious hotel, halls, restaurants, auditorium and recreational, shopping center to not only meet tourists’ necessities but also our fellow citizens.
By creating an original, elegant and modern edifice we wish to create a major change in the region and an essential step toward the development of our beloved country.

Technical information of Amiran Grand Complex

The complex is in an area of 4074 square meters in two separate sections, including four-star international hotel and trade center that are connected to each other. This complex has 3 basement floors (Parking space, installation, Watersports Complex etc.) and 4 floor on the ground (hotel and shopping center) with an infrastructure of 19,000 square meters. ”Amiran Gran Complex” is built by prestressed concrete and broad foundation considering building standards and designed for anti-seismic anticipations.

Amiran Grand Complex vision

Tourism industry is one of the largest and the most profitable economic activities in the world which creates the highest value added rate and influence directly and indirectly other economic and cultural activities. Tourism is one of the main sources of income and employment in the world, as it has been said it is the world’s first industry. Many countries such as Spain, France and Italy gains a large part of their foreign exchange through tourism.
Although Iran is amongst the top 10 countries in the world with regard to antiquities and natural attractions, just for current year almost 5 million foreign tourists for the first time visited Iran and about two millions of these tourists may spend as tourism in the country. Staying more than 24 hour and less than one year a person who pays his/her costs is a tourist. By this definition it seems that the number of real foreign tourists in Iran are less than announced number. Accordingly, establishment of accommodation like Amiran Grand complex can be full of opportunities for creators, customers (both tourists and native people) as well as the staff. The opportunity to create genuine success and lead the development of sustainable tourism.

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