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About Amiran Grand Complex

In the heart of Neyshabur city, we proudly present to you Amiran Grand Complex. This complex is a place where beauty, taste, and pleasure are mixed together to provide you with a unique experience. Amiran Hotel is an ideal destination for your stay with its stylish decoration and amenities. Relaxation and pleasure combined with high quality services make Amiraneh Hotel an outstanding choice for staying in Neishabur.Firozeh restaurant, a beautiful and pleasant place in Amiran, with a varied menu and delicious flavors, along with competent services, invites you to a special journey in the world of your desires and wishes. Taranj restaurant, with its diverse and special flavors, gives you an opportunity to Experience a pleasant environment, special and pleasant moments. If you are looking for a quick and enjoyable experience, Tasty Land Fast Food will guide you to the world of different flavors with its menu. Amiran Grand Complex is a place where the beauty of the city is combined with cedar. Delicious foods and comfort facilities are combined to provide you with special moments. Join us and share a unique experience in the heart of Neyshabur.

همکاران ما


عماد قویدل

بیان گذار و مدیرعامل


ترانه ماهرو

مدیر مارکتینگ


مسعود جهاندوست

مدیر محصول


فتانه صحرایی

طراح رابط کاربری


لیلا کرمی

تولید محتوا


صابر محمدی

امور مالی


بهنام باقری

مسئول فروش


سمیرا شاهقلیان

مدیر پروژه

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