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four stars Amiran

At Amiran Neishabour Hotel, you will have a luxurious and exquisite experience. With three different restaurants, including a coffee shop, this hotel allows its guests to explore a diverse and delicious world. Also, a dream pool is at your disposal to spend happy and peaceful moments in its waters.

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About Amiran Hotel

At Amiran Neishabour Hotel, our rooms with modern designs and beautiful designs give you a sense of security and comfort. Outstanding amenities and smart room facilities offer you a unique stay experience.

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Forty-six accommodation units

Amiran offers a combination of luxury and relaxation with its 46 accommodation units. Beautiful decoration and excellent location provide a luxurious and unique experience for guests.

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restaurant and coffee shop

The restaurant and coffee shop of Amiran Hotel, with its innovative cuisine and pleasant atmosphere, invites guests to a world of flavors and enjoyable moments.

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water complex

Amiran Hotel’s water complex with its relaxing pools, sauna and jacuzzi provides guests with an opportunity to relax and have fun in a luxurious environment.

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The amphitheater hall of Amiran Hotel, with its beautiful design and advanced facilities, offers an amazing space for holding events and artistic performances, which brings a special and enjoyable experience to the guests.

Amiran International Hotel

Amiran International Hotel is always at the service of our dear guests. Click here to reserve a room


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Amiran hotel rooms

The four-star Amiran International Hotel provides you with a luxurious and pure experience with magnificent rooms and unique services. This hotel has 46 very stylish rooms equipped with all amenities that will provide you with a peaceful and pleasant experience.